Since I upgraded my Mac to the latest Mojave build, due to it’s Dark Mode I was wanting to change the look of my MacOS Terminal. So, after searching and going through a few tutorials I have completely changed the look of my terminal, here you will find a tutorial about which steps have I made to change my terminal. Step 1: Get rid off the default terminal If we want to choose a different terminal emulator, in MacOS there are two main options:

Through the last year I have been learning OpenGL and Shader programming with GLSL. I started learning the basics of OpenGL, how to render objects, how to place them in the scene; and also the basics of shader programming, how the pipeline works and how to render basic effects like directional or ambient lightning. After months learning OpenGL and GLSL I have developed this example project called Hero Demo it is a night scene, with particles effect, SkyBoxing, per-fragment point lightning, water rendering

Manuel Rodríguez-Sánchez

Previously London. Now in Madrid working as a Cross-Platform Mobile Developer at Intelygenz Software

Cross-Platform Mobile Developer @Intelygenz

Madrid, Spain